Theme Upgrade to the latest version


Some changes are not backwards-compatible, if you update to the latest version and you have customisations depending on an old version, they might stop working properly. Fixing this usually does not take a lot of time, nevertheless bear that in mind when updating.

Getting the latest minor release

  1. Update the theme in vendor

# Update the theme and all of its dependencies
composer update scandipwa/*

2. If the release note says something has been changed in the configuration, manually update the src/config folder in your customisations folder (default app/design/frontend/.....), merging in all the changes from the new version. This process does not happen automatically. Be careful when doing that, the project may not work at all or work incorrectly with broken configuration. If the project does not work after an upgrade, outdated config folder is often the cause.

3. Read the release note and determine whether some other action is required in terms of refactoring your code corresponding to the new functionality. This will be the case for ScandiPWA v3 and its new plugin mechanism.

4. Fix all the non backwards compatible changes breaking your project by reviewing your modifications on top of them.

Getting the latest major release

  1. Update the scandipwa/installer dependency in your src/composer.json.


Remember about the minimum-stability setting, if you wish to install a pre-release version.

2. Launch the project and run the following command

composer install

3. Go through all the steps of updating to the latest minor except the first one.

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