Installation on Existing Magento 2 Sever

Before you start

  1. Make sure your server is running Magento 2.3.3, or 2.3.5. Version 2.3.4 is not supported.

  2. Make sure Redis is available on the host machine. Obtain the host, port of this service.

  3. Make sure you have node available on you machine. To test this, run:

node -v # should be 10^

In case this command resulted in error, install node using the official guide. Prefer nvm installation to get NODE version 10 specifically.

4. Make sure the Varnish is installed on the host / infrastructure and Magento is configured to use it. Please validate with following:

varnishd -V # should be 5^

In Magento admin go to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > Full Page Cache. Make sure the Varnish Cache is selected in the dropdown, varnish configuration has proper values set in it.

If it is not, please follow official documentation to set it up.


varnish is important! Please validate if it is installed with your hosting provider / developer.

5. Make sure the Redis is installed on your host / infrastructure. To validate the installation run following:

redis-cli -v # should output 2.5^

If it is not installed, please follow this guide to obtain it.


steps 5. and 6. are the requirements of scandipwa/persisted-query package.

6. Important instance specific configurations:

  • Make sure your server is configured to point into <MAGENTO ROOT>/pub directory.

It is time to setup!

  1. Install scandipwa/installer using following command:

composer require scandipwa/installer

2. Configure scandipwa/persisted-query module, using Magento CLI:

Execute the CLI command for each configuration value as follows:

php bin/magento setup:config:set <FLAG> <VALUE>
  • --pq-host [mandatory] - persisted query redis host (redis for ScandiPWA docker setup, localhost in the most common custom setup case)

  • --pq-port [mandatory] - persisted query redis port (6379 for ScandiPWA docker setup)

  • --pq-database [mandatory] - persisted query redis database (5 for ScandiPWA docker setup)

  • --pq-scheme [mandatory] - persisted query redis scheme (set to tcp in not sure)

  • --pq-password [optional, empty password is not allowed] - persisted query redis password

Alternatively, set those configurations directly in app/etc/env.php under cache key:

'cache' => [
    'persisted-query' => [
        'redis' => [
            'host' => '<REDIS HOST>',
            'scheme' => 'tcp',
            'port' => '<REDIS PORT>',
            'database' => '5'

3. Install the ScandiPWA theme:


by default for <YOUR VENDOR>/<YOUR THEME> we are using Scandiweb/pwa. But you can choose any other one.

php bin/magento scandipwa:theme:bootstrap <YOUR VENDOR>/<YOUR THEME>


If the name is different from Scandiweb/pwa, edit the <THEME ROOT>/src/config/webpack.production.config.js configuration file. Specifically update the publicPath constant declaration to match <YOUR VENDOR>/<YOUR THEME>.

4. Go to the bootstrapped theme folder, and install the dependencies and compile a project:

cd app/design/frontend/<YOUR VENDOR>/<YOUR THEME>
npm ci # install dependencies
npm run build

5. Time to change Magento theme:

  1. Follow official guide to set a theme

  2. For desired store, set the theme to <YOUR VENDOR>/<YOUR THEME>

Time to open the site

  1. Open your favorite browser, i.e. Google Chrome

  2. Open your server domain

Something does not work?

Upon immediate inspection theme could appear fine, but might not load at all. Please open you inspector and make sure the requests (at least one GET and one POST) has returned successfully. If they did, please checkout the rest for error fields in response. The most common issues are:

  1. Missing Header and Footer CMS blocks.

    To resolve, go to the admin panel, create at least one CMS block and one Scandiweb menu, then go to Store > Configuration > ScandiPWA > Content customization and select CMS blocks for all fields. If you will select the field to be “empty” it will also count as a selection.

  2. Homepage not showing - refer to the FAQ, search for 404 on Homepage.


after changing those configurations remember to flush the Magento caches.

For other issues, follow this simple algorithm:

  1. Refer to the FAQ page. It most probably already has the solution to your problem.


the Docker setup related issues are also mentioned in this document.

  1. If the issue still persists, join our community slack, and feel free to ask questions in #pwa_tech public channel.

  2. Alternatively create an issue on GitHub - however, the response time there will be a little-bit longer than in community Slack.

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