ESlint & StyleLint

  • ESLint - linter for ECMAScript or JavaScript

  • stylelint - linter for your styles - CSS, SCSS and Less

Starting Out With Lint

Install and enable ESLint for VSCode and it’ll start to give you suggestions.

Open the scandipwa-base/src/app/design/frontend/Scandiweb/pwa folder.

For this extension to work, you need to install the ESLint library in your project’s folder, if it’s not there it’ll look for a global install. To install eslint run:

npm install eslint      # run this in the workspace folder
npm install -g eslint   # global install

Look for the .eslintrc.sample file. Remove the .sample postfix in orded to create our own ESLint configuration.

If the configuration file is not present you can press ctrl + p in VSCode and search for >Create ESLint configuration or run eslint in terminal.

For a global installation run eslint --init, for local - ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --init for Linux and Mac.

Additionally, you can open up the terminal and run npm run eslint and this will scan the project for linter issues.

Run npm run eslint -- --fix to fix any issues, if they are found.

More of the available command presets can be seen in the base-theme/package.json file ‘script’ field. Some of these commands are:

"eslint": "eslint ./src/app --ignore-pattern *.test.*",

"eslint:fix": "npm run eslint -- --fix",

"eslint:cache": "eslint ./src/app --cache --ignore-pattern *.test.*",

"stylelint": "stylelint ./src/**/*.scss",

"stylelint:fix": "npm run stylelint -- --fix",

"stylelint:cache": "stylelint --cache ./src/**/*.scss"

Just as with ESLint, you need to get the stylelint extension and install stylelint locally in your project’s folder, or copy the .stylelintrc file from the source folder into your project’s folder.

Linting In Practice

First you’ll need the ScandiPWA Developer Tools VSCode extension. Find out how to get started here.

Press ctrl + p and search for >ScandiPWA: Extend source component.

Select AddToCart, skip class container and select ‘Extend them!’ which will only extend the styles. This will create and open the file which, at the moment, will look like this:



This will create a stylelint pop-up that’ll say Unexpected empty block. If now we run in terminal npm run stylelint:fix, we can check if something can be fixed.


You can run ESLint and style lint in GitHub actions

Go to ScandiPWA/base-theme actions and you’ll see an ESlint workflow.

You can copy the configuration from .github folder, main.yml file and use the output commands to comment on the pull request.

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